Real estate investing from abroad can be intimidating. Our courses give you the tools you need to invest successfully in the US from anywhere in the world!

Learn how to:

  • Develop a real estate investing strategy
  • Analyze what makes a market good for investing
  • Build a team you can rely on from anywhere
  • Recognize red flags and prevent common mistakes
  • Successfully find, analyze, and buy great investment properties in the US from wherever you are in the world!

"Tim and Lisa are a fountain of knowledge on so many aspects of real estate investing."

- Jona, USAID Officer

Hi, we're Tim and Lisa,

your real estate investment concierges.

We're both married to US diplomats, and have worked hard to build our real estate portfolios from abroad.

It's not always easy to find and buy great properties when you can't see them or meet the people you're working with face-to-face.

We've started our business and education center to help others gain knowledge and confidence to grow their real estate portfolios from abroad.

We share our knowledge, our network, and our lessons-learned so your journey can be stress-free (well, nearly!) :)

Reach out with any questions at any time. We'd love to hear from you!